Touching both heart and mind while offering practical suggestion for deepening one’s spiritual life in a chaotic world, or exploring the sacred in death and dying, these videos present ideas and experiences shared by many people with whom Ron has been privileged to share. Their stories are “holy moments” and they give us pointers about how we can identify and savor such moments in our own experience. Each video of the programs is designed to be viewed  individually or with a group.

VIDEO: Praying in the Midst of LifePITMOL
Six 19-22 minute programs

Exploring through conversations and direction with people who are desiring to discover more about prayer in their lives, and seeking responses to their questions: “How can I know God’s will for me?”  “How do I answer my children’s questions about prayer?” Why do I seem to pray only in a crisis? Where can I find the time?”



VIDEO: Exploring the Sacred in Death and DyingETSIDD COVER
Six 18-27 minute programs

Does the end of life bring nothing but pain, disappointment and loss? Not according to Ron and his friends and family. In story after story, they tell about special moments along the way. Ron calls these “holy moments” and gives pointers about how we can identify and savor such moments in our own experience. Viewers learn how to talk to a dying person and those in grief: how to goodbye and take up unfinished business with those who die unexpectedly; how to be present to the dying and the grieving and how to trust our own best instincts.