The Hermitage

The Hermitage is a nonprofit tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation devoted to providing individuals and groups opportunities and resources to explore personal and organizational growth and development.

When The Hermitage was established as a corporation in 1978, we also opened a small residential place called The Hermitage. The Hermitage was a place of retreat for individuals to come for solitude and prayer for a stay of five days to two weeks. Generally we accepted only one person at a time. The retreatant was guided in creating a schedule for prayer, reading from Sacred Writings, and journaling their reflections. Daily spiritual direction was available. My spouse, Eleanor, and I shared in that ministry for 14 years.

We then discerned that we needed sabbatical time from accepting guests on our property. For that two-year sabbatical period no one was accepted at the Hermitage. During that time our work in writing, spiritual direction and personal growth with individuals and groups had expanded – locally, nationally and internationally. At the end of the sabbatical time we recognized that other dimensions of our work – primarily conferences, collaborations, private spiritual direction, retreats and writing – needed our time and energy. The Hermitage as a place of retreat was closed. The Hermitage corporation has continued to provide support for our work. Spiritual direction, with individuals and groups has continued to expand and diversify in other creative and meaningful ways.